Why our product is the best

At The Swift Lift, we are hunters just like you. We are hunters who are tired of setting up and taking down deer stands and all the hassle of it.


Easily seen off the ground for extra protection from other hunters for your safety


We are so confident in construction, that The Swift Lift comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame.


It's portable and trailer mounted, it takes about 5 minutes or less for one man to put it up or take it down.

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You’re Not Alone

But, you can be with Swift Lift – and still setup your deer tower in record time!

    • Are you tired of wrestling with your hunting blind stand, trying to put it up and take it down?

    • Have you lost your lease or put your blind up only to find that you are not in the right place and wish you had put it somewhere else?

  • Considering buying a new hunting blind and stand, but the cost of delivery, set-up, and forklift to put the hunting blind on a stand is too expensive?

Swift Lift simplifies something you’re already doing. Why spend hours setting up your deer blind tower? There’s no reason to any longer. You’re just like us. You want to setup in as little time as possible and then hunt.

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What People Are Saying

We launched in 2017 and people are already talking about Swift Lift.
Earl Skinner

Earl Skinner

(Retired Structural Engineer)

"The Swift Lift is well engineered and is built with 3” x 3” welded square tubing. It is exceptionally strong and durable, and exhibits real quality workmanship. Without a doubt, the basic structure should be good for a person’s lifetime. Great product at a fair price."



(Retired Rancher and former Philadelphia Eagle pro ball player)

"At 81 years of age and an avid hunter and rancher, moving a deer stand was nearly impossible and a lot of trouble. Thanks to the Swift Lift, I can once again hunt without all the hassle and worry, and hunt anywhere I want to. I can put the Swift Lift up or take it down in less than 5 minutes by myself and move it wherever I want. My hat is off to a great piece of hunting equipment that is so well built and gets the job done."

Brent N.

Brent N.

(Hood County)

"During my 45 years of hunting deer I guess I have put up and taken down approximately 100 stands. Thanks to SwiftLift I’m done!! The SwiftLift has gotten me out of the blind grind. Now when I spot activity on my game cameras at different locations all I have to do is hook-up and in a matter of minutes i’m set up with my swiftlift in a new spot. Even when I’m involved with multiple properties I can just drop the swiftlift onto my hitch and pull it to the new property and literally within minutes I’m ready to hunt. This thing trailers like a dream on the road and its rugged construction allows me to put it in very tough and tight locations. What an amazing and innovative product! "


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First Deer

She Got Her First Deer! At Swift Lift, we LOVE hearing from our customers! This week, we heard from Cal in Lubbock. His daughter got her very first deer! Congratulations on a great deer!