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The Swift Lift by Comanche Peak Outdoors, LLC was an idea come to life by Mel Robinson, an avid hunter from Central Texas who wanted more time hunting and less time hassling with his deer stand setup and tear down.

The Hassle of Hunting Towers

The problem Mel always had with setting up deer stands is the labor it takes to setup and take down. It is never a one-man job. And once you are setup you are stuck in that location. What happens if there is better action a quarter mile down the lease? Mel wanted to be more mobile and agile when he’s hunting on a lease. He wanted the freedom and flexibility to be able to do his own setup and tear down with ease. So, the Swift Lift was born.

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Making Things Easier

Mel has always had an engineer’s mindset. Looking for innovative ways to make his life easier came natural to him. He decided to start tinkering and engineering something that would alleviate his deer stand hassles. Hence, the Swift Lift Mobile Hunting Tower and the rest is history!

Quality & Safety

He wasn’t the only one who shared in his hunting stand frustrations. He soon had friends and friends of friends wanting one of these mobile deer hunting blind towers. Mel went inch by inch around the entire trailer making sure he addressed any and every issue you may run into. Including running the wires inside the metal to avoid tearing and ripping when pulling it through brush. The lights are built into the trailer so they cannot be broken in rough terrain. The battery is solar powered with a gauge so you are always aware of your battery life. All of his trailers are built upside down to ensure 100 percent welds. They travel easily and safely. No stone was left unturned when it came to the quality and safety built into this mobile hunting tower. It is easy to transport, easy to setup and easy to take down.

Let's Hunt

All you have to do is find your location, drop the trailer, set the outriggers, and press the button to lift the blind tower. Mel created something that gives hunters and outdoorsmen back their time so they can do more of what they love, hunt!

From The Founder

"I just got sick and tired of having to put blinds up and take them down. Then, I’d put them up only to find out I was in the wrong place. I’d see the real hunt, the rut going on a half mile away and here I am stuck and can’t get to it. That’s how I came to invent the Swift Lift. It’s easy. It’s handy. I can hunt any time I want to, anywhere I want to."
Mel Robinson
Founder & Inventor of Swift Lift

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