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In the Community

Mel Robinson, founder of Swift Lift and Comanche Peak Outdoors, LLC went to be with his Lord and savior Jesus Christ on May 11, 2019. He enjoyed a successful career as a rancher, oilman, and entrepreneur, but his passion was making disciples for Jesus Christ. He spent much of his adult-life discipling Christ followers.

the beginning

In 2016 on a mission trip to Cuba Mr. Mel personally led over 75 Cubans to Christ and the International Commission mission team as a whole led over 4,000 in their week-long effort. Unfortunately, they were only able to bring in 150 Bibles at that time. It was the tears in the people’s eyes and cheers of joy that Mel personally connected to. They were in disbelief holding their own Bibles. It was that experience that sent him down a path where, through different relationships, connections and alongside Gospel Link, was able to launch his own 501(c)3 Bible Connection.

Mel Robinson, Founder of Bible Connection, Inc.

Providing bibles

Mel found opportunities to provide Bibles and audio proclaimers in the native languages of the hard-to-reach peoples of Africa and other nations. He has also worked with other organizations and independently to find opportunities to make the written Word of God available to those who would otherwise never have a Bible or the chance to hear the Gospel in their native tongue.

mission & vision

Thanks to proceeds from the Swift Lift business and personal donations, Mel and his wife Lana were able to purchase $11,000 worth of hardback and audio Bibles for distribution. Read Mr. Mel’s donor letter to Bible Connection that provides additional insight into the mission and vision of the organization. 

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