We often marvel at the monster bucks inside a high fence and only wish we could bag one of them. The truth is, we can if we follow a few simple steps that allow free-ranging deer the chance to reach their maximum potential. Low fenced deer are subject to overgrazing by domestic livestock, overpopulation of deer herd, drought, and an overall lack of a deer’s nutritional needs. Most hunters fill their feeders with corn usually in the fall as an attractant and wish for the best.

So, how do I bag a big one…… To grow big horns requires a good supply of calcium, phosphorus, mineral, and vitamin nutrients. With poor range conditions, deer simply cannot get the nutrition to maintain the body requirements and grow large racks. As the summer heats up, the quality of the deer’s diet diminishes resulting in undernourishment, poor horn growth and sometimes mortality. Working with “mother nature,” and by adding a good supplement charged with the minerals, vitamin and proteins will produce amazing results.

To really put your program into high gear, start with the deer factory. To grow big bucks begins with the doe. A lack of proper nutrition during the gestation period leads to a newborn fawn that is weak, has less of a chance of surviving, and a mother that cannot adequately supply enough protein-rich milk to properly provide for it. Does on a supplement program will consistently birth fawns with greater birth and weaning weights and improves the size and body weights of the overall herd. A lactating doe on the supplement will pass the nutrients to the fawn through the milk. As a result, bigger stronger fawns have a greater chance of surviving and maturing. Additionally, through the supplement, the calcium, phosphorous and nutrient level of the does is not depleted allowing the doe to remain in good physical condition for breeding and surviving a cold winter.

The “Zombie Lollipop” by Newby’s and distributed by Comanche Peak Outdoors is a great source for getting all the minerals, protein, and vitamins needed to take your hunting experience to a new level. The ingredients are suspended in a molasses mixture which draw the deer to it as a bait as well. The Zombie Lollipop is reasonably priced and is easy and convenient to use. Just remove the cap from the bottle, remove the insert inside the lid, replace the cap, and hang the bottle upside down at about chest high. The deer will lick the cap as the content gently flow from the openings. The Zombie Lollipop comes in apple, acorn, and persimmon flavors as well as a granular form for a corn topping. To maximize the success of this product use it year around, it gets the results and is affordably priced.

Distributed by Comanche Peak Outdoors LLC. in Granbury, Texas. Contact us here for more information.

Ingredients: Dicalcium phosphate, monocalcium phosphate, salt, sodium selenite, potassium sulfate, magnesium sulphate, iron oxide, magnesium oxide, potassium chloride, calcium carbonate, zinc oxide, ethylenediamine, dihydriodide, copper sulphate, vitamin A supplement, vitamin D3 supplement, vitamin E supplement, processed grain products, molasses products, animal fats, vegetable oil.

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