The Monster Swift Lift

This is a versatile blind stand with all of the quality and convenience you should expect from a premium Swift Lift Blind Stand. Our Monster Swift Lift holds a 7’ fiberglass blind. If you need a roomier box so you can bring the spouse or kids/grandkids along, this is the model to do it in. This premium tower comes equipped with an inverter to allow you to power up all of your devices. Whether you need to charge up any hunting equipment or you just need to chill out and watch your Netflix show. Stay plugged in.

The Easiest Hunting Stand You'll Ever Set Up

You can be set and hunting in a matter of minutes. 

1. Find The Perfect Spot

2. Set, Lift, Stabilize

3. Hunt

Safe - Durable - Easy

Equipped with the same safety features and functionality as our original Swift Lift models. Our blinds stands are guaranteed to last a lifetime. They are safe, durable, and can be erected or taken down without breaking a sweat.  

Monster swift lift. Mobile hunting tower with large hunting blind on top

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Pricing ranges based on model and your custom specifications. Mini models start as low $3,950.

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