By: Joe Davis
Owner of Avid Outdoorsman, LLC

My partner and I have the good fortune of managing the hunting operations on several premium deer leases that encompass several thousands of acres throughout Texas. We pride ourselves in dealing exclusively with select properties, quality hunters and true gentlemen sportsmen. We run a different type of operation and lease only to established groups of management minded hunters who expect real quality in everything they use. Often, we are asked to recommend various products and / or services, but we are typically very reluctant to do so simply because our expectations are extremely high, and we do not want our name associated with anything that might taint our hard-earned reputation.

When Mel Robinson asked me to do a review of his Swift Lift Deer Blind Tower, I told him I would but only if he wanted an honest and blatantly open report of my opinions and findings. Mel assured me that was exactly what he wanted and in his charming country boy way he replied, “Git after it!” So “Git after it” we did. We went over every aspect of the Swift Lift, and I must confess that I had previously owned other types of ‘lift blinds’ in years past and, therefore, I approached this inspection with somewhat of a negative attitude based on those previous experiences with similar sounding products. Earlier style lift-type blinds that I had used were unstable in high winds; used canvas enclosures that were not suited to rain nor truly cold weather; featured undependable mechanisms; and were not consistently safe!

I try to cut to the chase on most things, so after extensive inspections of the Swift Lift Hunting Blind Tower, here are the terms that concisely and best describe my findings:

  • QUALITY! – Not one corner has been skimped on or cut anywhere! The best materials have been used throughout, and every phase of the assembly matches the level of all the materials.
  • Functional – It gets the job done and can be used virtually anywhere with a minimal set-up time (Note: real world set-up time is between 3½ to 5 minutes depending on familiarity with the Swift Lift and mechanical skill level of the user).
  • Comfortable – the blind designs that Mel has chosen for the Swift Lift are roomy and incredibly well built. He has designed the lift mechanism to accommodate a variety of sizes and special feature blinds, but all blinds must pass Mel’s critical level of craftsmanship expectation before they are installed on the Swift Lift Tower

SAFE! Every aspect of the Swift Lift has been professionally engineered, tested, and then re-tested. Every operation from setup to entry and exit of the Swift Lift has been thought out and designed to accommodate safe use under all conditions by all manners of users.
Granted, nothing is one hundred percent perfect, but in all honesty, the only valid criticism that I personally had was that Mel should have a military grade of tire sealant installed in every tire before it leaves the Swift Lift Factory. As expected, that recommendation went to the top of Mel’s list and I feel certain that by the time you see one of these units on display or in the field, that recommendation will have been implemented.

To prove our level of confidence, we are now recommending the Swift Lift to all hunters, including our own, that need a quality hunting blind and an unbelievably user-friendly tower. We have no doubt that the Swift Lift mobile tower blind will last for years and will provide hunters the ability to relocate their blind in short notice due to change of leases or relocation of pastures. We truly feel the Swift Lift will ensure hunters a safe, comfortable, and affordable blind that will serve their needs for years to come wherever their hunting ventures take them.

Avid Outdoorsman, LLC
Joe Davis

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