Swift Lift Pro-Skid

The Swift Lift Pro-Skid is built on the same sturdy framework as the original mobile Swift Lift Hunting Tower. Instead of wheels and a winch system, the unit is mounted on a skid base. 

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About The Swift Lift Pro-Skin Blind Stand

Swift Lift Pro-Skid can be easily pulled on or off the carrying trailer and dragged into position. Do you have your own trailer you can spare during hunting season? The Pro-Skid gives you the freedom and flexibility to mount the hunting tower on your own trailer. 

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Unit is mounted on a 10' L x 70" W skid base.

Fits inside a 72-inch wide trailer

Made of 3” X 3” square steel tubing

How to Set it Up

  1. Remove the skid shoe and place the tie-down shoes into the 3” X 3” inch openings and pin.

  2. Drive the steel post through the slit on the tie-down shoe and tighten the bolts up tight against the post.

  3. Take a steel cable with hooks on each end and run it under the roller on the base of the unit.

  4. Hook one end to the swivel arm the blind sets on and the other end to the trailer ball of your vehicle.

  5. Slowly drive forward and the blind will raise-up.

  6. Pin the swivel arm into the locked position.

  7. Put ladder in place, and you’re ready to hunt.

Safety & Quality Workmanship

Quality and safety is a top priority. The Swift Lift Pro-Skid can take some serious wind. However, just as an extra precaution you will have extra tie downs for your own peace of mind.  The ladder steps are covered with non-skid materials. And hand-rails are added to make ascending and descending easy and safe. 

Additional Details


100% financing is available. Please inquire with us about financing opportunities.


You can add a 4' X 6' blind from our selection. We are able to mount your own blind upon request.


Lifetime warranty on the frame.

Pick-Up or Delivery

Local pick-up in Granbury, Texas. Will deliver free within 250 miles, or rendezvous with Buyer for pick-up within that radius.

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Pricing ranges based on model, any custom specifications, and the blind box if you desire one. The Pro-Skid starts as low $3,450. Mix or match with any of our great 100% all fiberglass blinds, and we will custom build to your specification and the price range you can afford. See our offering of fine blinds for price and details. Blinds are priced separately and mounted at no cost.    

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