Swift Lift is an company founded by Mel Robinson, an avid hunter from Central Texas. Mel has always enjoyed engineering projects that make his life easier. Through this tinkering and engineering a new type of deer stand tower was born. Mel wanted something that didn’t require a few buddies to help setup and tear down. He’s been invited to use a lease, only to get setup and find out that he needed to move out for one reason or another. After you’ve done this a few dozen times, those buddies don’t want to help as much!

Now, when Mel wants to go hunting, he can attach his Swift Lift to the back of his pickup, head out to the ¬†hunting lease, and once he’s dropped the trailer and set the outriggers, the hard part is done. He just presses a button that sets up the deer blind anywhere from 8 feet to 10 feet in the air. It’s just that simple!