About Swift Lift

Anyone who has ever put a hunting blind on a stand knows how frustrating it is to call your buddies to help you assemble it, take it down, move it, or even pay to have someone do it for you. Have you lost your lease or put your blind up only to find that you are not in the right place and wish you had it somewhere else?

We’ve engineered a solution to take care of all of this hassle.


Easiest Deer Blind To Setup

  • Arrive at your best hunting spot
  • Level the outriggers and remove travel pins
  • With the supplied, solar powered winch, lift it up
  • Secure the stabilizer, set the ladder in place
  • You’re ready to hunt.

When you’ve finished hunting, or want to move where the game is, just reverse the process and you’re all set to move.

Sound too good to be true? It was, but not anymore. You can be setup in under 5 minutes. We’ve setup in a little over 3 minutes.

It really is a one man blind stand solution that is good for life.